Stoic Week — Tuesday: Control

Today, I made it my mission to hand in my leave for cadets before 8:00am. Everything was going well, I had reached school at 7:50am when I realised that I had actually forgotten the darn peice of paper at home. Perhaps if I hadn’t rushed as much in the morning I would have remembered to bring it or maybe it was “out of my control.” On the bright side if today, I actually remembered to turn up to the recess and lunchtime rehearsals, meaning that I wouldn’t be screwed as hard later on. I also found out that I couldn’t participate in the dress and drill competition (which is both a good and a bad thing)because I have to attend SSV Beachside Division next monday. I guess Division athletics is more important as I am part of the 15s relay team and I don’t want to let the down, we had almost made state last year but screwed up a baton change due to lack of practise and the strong head wind on the first straight(0.1seconds between us and first place). It is arguable that what happened was out of our control. Maybe we were nervous and and our judgement was affected, or because we are not able control or predict what the weather conditions wil be like at the time of competition. Hopefully if we train on thursday (which conveniently is kind of a day off) we can practise enough with the team and make it through to regionals at division. Hopefully the competition is the same as last year, but that isn’t really in our control, the practise however, is in our control. (unless something bad happens)