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AMA Session Recap: MH Ventures x Arcade

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself and also introduce the team working on $ARCADE?

I am Kevin, business development focusing on partnerships, fundraising, and strategy.

JP is Josh, he is the CEO, keeps us pointed in the right direction.

Here is a slide about the core team:

What’s unique about our team is that in addition to being crypto enthusiasts and blockchain gaming fans, we have experience in our respective roles, which leads to long term stability and success of the project!

Q2. Can you introduce $ARCADE to us,and tell us what critical problem does it solve and what is the significant advantages it has over it competitors?

Arcade is the GameFi platform built on Solana that gives its community the opportunity to earn meaningful rewards from Play-To-Earn metaverse games through the strategic infrastructure of Mission Pool Operators (MPOs), game developers and $ARCADE token holders.

A little back story.

We originally had the concept of starting a game guild, but when we started the fundraising and structuring process, we discovered that there is a deeper need we wanted to address. Because Play-to-Earn gaming is such a new and explosive opportunity, many people may get left behind. Between the time, money, expertise, and knowledge needed to obtain maximum from each game, many people are intimidated by the process and may never get involved. So we thought, how could we make it easier for people to get optimum exposure to the Play-to-Earn opportunity? That is how we came up with Arcade, a platform that allows people to become educated about the space, and at the same time, while participating in the mission pools via the $ARCADE token, can earn rewards at the same time. Arcade is a platform that brings all the players in the space together, we do not have a true competitor. We partner with game guilds, game developers, professional gamers, and our community, to bring people to Game-Fi, and help them stay longer!

Q3. What interesting features can you share with us about this mission pool?

A mission pool is a link to the in-game activity of a play-to-earn economy.

The token holders choose which mission pools to participate in by lending their tokens to the pool, and then receiving a portion of the rewards earned from that in-game activity.

For example, one game we will use for mission pools is Star Atlas. In that game, a mission pool could be a fleet of ships transporting mining resources from one planet to another. When that activity is done, the rewards are shared between the operator of those assets, usually a game build or pro-gamer, and the mission pool.

Mission pools give a time exposure to these games, so participants in the pools can recognize rewards in specific amount of time. Some mission pools will take 1 day, some 6 months, depending on the the activity within the game. This gives the community flexibility in their participation in the games, while learning about all of these different games’ economies. By participating in the mission pool, you learn about what the operator did in the game, the NFTs used, and many other factors, providing the necessary education to build confidence in the community to eventually play the games directly for even more fun and rewards potential. This is why game developers love Arcade, because it brings people to their game.

Here is an image about the typical experience or flow that a user will see on the platform:

Q4. Basically the mission pool allow game players earn even without engaging in game play?

Without directly engaging with the game, but they are playing on the Arcade platform by choosing the mission pools, and heling us build the database of all this game activity by making the mission pools possible.We really see the token holders as contributing as much to the platform as the gamers playing, just in a different role!

Q5. Any plans for expansion? What can you tell us about what’s to come for $ARCADE?

I’ve used this phrase so often, but what we are releasing first is really the tip of the iceberg. The interaction with the gaming professionals, from tutorials, videos of the gameplay, and strategy plans, are going to be a huge component of why people want to be active on the Arcade platform. With all of this data we collect, we can help aspiring gaming professionals purchase the correct NFTs, choose games wisely, and learn about each games, economy and the best way to earn while they play. The platform will eventually expand to allow others to host mission pools on the platform, which they can use to attract members to their guild or gaming team. We will have the ability to help NFT collectors find operators to utilize their NFT instead of just holding for long term appreciation. We are in the process of obtaining sponsors for mission pools, so in the same way that companies pay to advertise on the web, tv, venues, etc, we are securing sponsors to have their information on the mission pools, this will drive additional revenue back to all participants, on the platform, the mission pool, the game developer, the operators, everyone. Think of it as decentralized sharing of ad revenue. the more participants we attract to the platform, the more we can earn from sponsors, and drive that revenue back to all!

Q6. Do you have list of sponsors at the moment?

We are in talks with a few, but nothing set in stone yet. One is a social media company, one is an electronics device company, and another is a consumer apparel company.

Q7. Who are your backers and your partnerships so far ?

These are current backers, with advance discussions with a few very big household names in the works.

Partnerships are in the works with several games, such as Illuvium, Splinterlands, VulcanForge, and others. we are are having discussions everyday with game developers, gaming guilds, NFT collectors, and many other pillars in the space. It’s an exciting time to be building in such a high grotwth opportunity.

Q8. Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics and Utility of $ARCADE tokens?

The utility of the token is two fold. First, it gives the holder access to the education component of the platform, where one can see which games have been vetted by Arcade’s research team, and see which activities in the game are producing rewards, how they were earned, and using which NFTs, tools, and skills.

Second, the token holder can share in those rewards earned from the game-play because the helped contribute to the formation of the mission pool. The creation of mission pools and data collected from all the activity is creating a curriculum, or database per se, of all this activity, that can be used by gamers, developers, or anyone, to create new projects or participate in the space. So in reality, the token gives someone the ability to contribute to this project, an earn reward for doing so. future plans involve access to NFT projects, invitations to conferences and events, entrance to special forums hosted by top gamers, really the possibilities are endless.

The token will also give voting options on some community features, allowing some contribution in that aspect as well..


Q1. Which exchange do you plan to list?Dex or CeX?

We currently plan to launch our token generation event on Starlaunch’s Astropool. This is a fair launch model. Shortly thereafter, we will be on Raydium’s Fusion Pool. We are in discussion with multiple CeX as well, but don’t have any official announcements we can release on that just yet!

Q2. How many games does Arcade plan on having on the Mission Pools?

We plan to have as many games as we can properly vet and research to make sure the economy is sustainable and the games have a fun quotient as well. we will start with a few, including Star Atlas, Illuvium, and a few others, but the plan is to offer the leading titles in Play-to-earn.

“Kindly share all the useful link and inforgraphy about the project, so that our community can get in touch”

I would encourage anyone interested in our project to join our Arcade discord community. We have a lots of alpha, leaks and news coming soon. It is the best way to stay in the loop.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord



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