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MH Ventures presents: DeFly Ball

DEFLY BALL — The First Blockchain Flyball Dogs Racing Game

The blockchain technology has been widely used in many industries, but it is still a challenge for the people to understand and use it. With the development of blockchain technology, there are already many games built on it. But these games are all designed for entertainment purposes only. They don’t have any real value or use case in the crypto world. DEFLY BALL has created a unique ecosystem that combines gaming and earning money together, which makes it special among other existing games. The game is designed with a combination of blockchain and NFT technology, which allows players to own their dogs as non-fungible tokens.

Players can own their dogs and then train them by feeding them with food items they buy from DeFly Ball Marketplace to increase their level so that they can win more rewards during races. You can also trade your game NFTs when their value increases over time.

It’s not just a game but also a marketplace where you can buy and sell your NFTs. Players can earn DEFLY tokens by playing the game or selling their items on the marketplace. The blockchain-based tokenized ecosystem will allow players to own, train, and trade digital assets (NFTs) on the DEFLY Ball marketplace.

With the DeFly NFT Marketplace, DEFLY users can mint, sell, and create valuable NFTcdogs. The more you build your NFTs, the higher your chances of winning big. By doing so, you won’t only attract the attention of the gaming audience but also encourage them to purchase your NFTs at your price.

You can also collect or buy dogs with different attributes to take your team to the next level. All you need is to beat the rest by running your best dogs. Players with a strong team and more trained dogs have higher chances of winning the crown.




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