MH Ventures presents: Glitter Finance

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2 min readJan 8, 2022


Glitter Finance — An Innovator Bridge That Brings the Everyday User into the Crypto World Seamlessly

The crypto space is complex, and the learning curve is steep. For the average user, it’s a daunting experience to get started with cryptocurrency. Glitter Finance makes it easy for everyday people to profit from crypto without having any technical knowledge of blockchain or coding.

The Glitter Finance System is a cross-chain bridge with advanced functionality and architecture. Glitter Bridge, the company’s innovative bridge, enables everyday users to seamlessly integrate into the crypto sphere. In other words, locked assets can be re-deployed into yield pools. Glitter Finance uses its native currency, $XGLI, to carry out a variety of tasks in its ecosystem.

As already stated above, the platform allows the redeployment of wrapped or synthetic assets, which are then transformed into integrated yield pools through the Glitter Bridge. Additionally, it works in conjunction with machine learning (DLN) and artificial intelligence (AI), which enhance deposit yields. This process generates a profit for the trader where there previously was none, and it promotes mass adoption by working with traders to help them trade successfully.

Glitter Finance allows its token holders to list new yield farms on the network. They gain access to the company’s governance, giving them the role of important decision makers. The users holding $XGLI reserve the right to revise the treasury fees for the yield generated through asset redeployment. They have the power to decide how much revenue is reinvested into Glitter Finance from the assets they own.

$XGLI holders can also update cross-chain transfer treasury fees for their digital assets like Ethereum and Bitcoin. The platform also provides its token holders the ability to update oracle addresses, which makes linking the address information to blockchains more convenient. As a result, value can be transferred across different blockchains more quickly and easily.

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