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MH Ventures X Biswap

As we continue our growth with the MH Ventures ecosystem, we’re excited to partner with quality teams and in particular those that allow us to elevate further and higher our portfolio projects in taking the next step higher!

We encourage you to learn more about our preferred DEX partner on BNB Chain, Biswap!

1. What is Biswap DEX?

✔️ The lowest trading fee ( of 0.1% per swap
✔️ Up to 90% Fee Return (
✔️ High APRs on Biswap Farms ( & Launchpools (
✔️ 0.05% Fee Reward for Liquidity Providers (50% of the trading fee)
✔️ 5% Referral rewards ( based on friends’ earnings on Biswap Farms and in Launchpools
✔️ Biswap Audit from CertiK (
✔️ SAFU ( insurance fund

Biswap got picked by Binance as a MVBII winner ( and recently Binance Labs ( announced its strategic investment in Biswap.

2. How to exchange tokens on Biswap DEX?

This could be done with an example of swapping BNB to BSW. Biswap has the lowest trading fee of just 0.1%.

3. How to stake in Biswap Farms?

Biswap has a Farm dedicated to BSW tokens. In order to access it, the user has to provide liquidity on Biswap DEX to BSW — BNB liquidity pair. On Biswap, liquidity providers get 0.05% from each swap made inside their liquidity pair as a fee reward. After providing liquidity to BSW-BNB, the user gets his LP tokens, which could be staked in the BSW-BNB Farm in order to earn rewards in BSW tokens. The Farm is available here:

4. What are other exciting products that Biswap has?

Biswap Launchpools — a less resource-intensive alternative to mining. It lets users hold their tokens on Biswap to earn more tokens, for free. There are two types of Biswap Launchpools where you can earn passively:

Stake BSW Launchpools ( — allow users to stake (hold) BSW to earn other top quality tokens over time.

Stake Tokens Launchpools ( — allow users to earn BSW by staking (holding) other tokens on the platform.

Biswap NFT Earn & NFT Collection
An exclusive NFT collection named “Biswap Robbies Earn” got launched on the Biswap via NFT Launchpad ( Each Robi is randomly generated with exclusive characteristics which reflect its bright vibe and level. Users can level up their Robbies by gaining Robbie Boost ( The amount of RB you get depends on your trading volume: the more you swap on Biswap, the more RB you get! Leveled up Biswap Robbies with higher RB in them get bigger rewards in NFT Staking (

Biswap NFT Marketplace

The lowest commission fee of 1% on BSC, Commission Return in Robi Boost, Exclusive NFT Auction model where each participant earns 5% from the price difference gap of his and next bid. Currently supporting collections such as Biswap Robbies Earn and Polychain Monsters, with more popular collections yet to be whitelisted.

More information could be found here (

Biswap IDO Launchpad

Initial DEX Offering is a next-level type of crypto fundraising. Biswap has combined the simplicity of the IDO with the maximum efficiency. Two Investment Pool options, participation via BSW token, instant listing after the IDO end, creation of additional utility for the featured token.

More info could be found here (

GameFi — Play to Earn

The Biswap team decided to expand the project’s ecosystem further via the popular GameFi direction due to a thorough analysis of the industry and the feedback received from the dynamic Biswap Community. As a result, Biswap has released the Squid NFT World, where users are offered a huge number of exclusive GameFi benefits and can earn rewards in multiple tokens.

More information could be found here (

5. What are the Official Biswap DEX Social Media links?

📢 Telegram Channel:
💬 Telegram Chat:
🕊 Twitter:
💻 YouTube:
📃 Medium:
📰 Zendesk:



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