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MH Ventures X Chainwars

Blockchain Wars — An Exciting Blockchain Game with a Strong Future Potential

Blockchain games are not popular in the mainstream game industry. However, there is a huge community of gamers that understand blockchain technology and how it can be applied to games. Blockchain technology offers great opportunities for game developers, opening the door to entirely new types of games that are not possible with centralized services.

The benefits that blockchain technology has in comparison to traditional non-blockchain games are the following:

· Ownership of virtual assets, no shady marketplaces

· Low transaction fees and fast transactions

· Resistance to censorship

· No data mining

· Executable distributed code contracts (EDCCs)

Today, we are going to let you know about a new blockchain game that is becoming increasingly popular among the masses. Chain Wars is a blockchain game that allows users to earn money by playing the game and trading in-game items, which can be used for tournaments and season passes.

Chain Wars Essence (CWE) is its native token that allows players to use Governance and Tier System, Lootboxes, NFT’s, Tournaments, and Season Pass. With the Govenance & Tier System, players are encouraged to hold CWE to enhance their Play to Earn experience and to create the biggest impact. Tournament Pass or Season Pass provides players with an opportunity to play in competitive mode and tournaments. On the NFT Marketplace, users can trade CWE (as currency) and buy lootboxes.

Chain Wars Story

Chain Wars is a story of galactic warfare. The machines are fighting for control of the galaxy, but humans have found their own purpose in protecting Earth. With both sides committed to never giving up on what they believe is right and valuable- machine or human life; it’s time for a new Chain Wars.

Thousands of years of conflict have led to the destruction of the universe’s essence, SuperNova. The planets and their inhabitants have suffered for long periods, and there are few resources. Now surviving survivors are responsible for reviving things and recharging the SuperNova.

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