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MH Ventures X Dragon Kart

Dragon Kart — a 3D Racing e-sport Blockchain Game that Benefits Everyone Involved

The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar business and growing every day. However, the current ecosystem has many problems that limit its growth potential.

Blockchain technology can solve these issues by providing transparency, security, and trust to the players in the market. Dragon Kart will use blockchain technology to solve these issues and create an efficient ecosystem for all parties involved in this massive industry.

Dragon Kart is not just another blockchain game; it’s an esport where players compete for real money prizes. It’s also a platform where streamers and gamers can earn cryptocurrency by playing the game. Finally, their tokenized economy allows you to own pieces of your favorite characters in-game assets and make money from them when they win races. The project has been successfully sold through MH Ventures’ private allocation to community members.

They are creating a gaming experience with all the excitement of traditional esports racing tournaments like Nascar or Formula 1 combined with collectible digital asset ownership that rewards you for playing the game long term. Their goal is to create an ecosystem that connects crypto owners with gamers around the world through fun gameplay experiences without any barriers between them.

Dragon Kart is a 3D racing e-sport game built on the blockchain platform with smart contract functionality that allows users to own digital assets such as characters from the Pikalong series by Thang Fly (a famous Vietnamese artist). It will be a gateway for gamers and streamers who want to experience esport games while also earning crypto rewards by playing or streaming our game. This way, they not only help them earn money but also allow them to exchange their digital assets into tokens which they can then trade at exchanges or other platforms that accept crypto tokens like theirs.



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