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MH Ventures X Protect

MH Ventures started as a small community not too long ago with just Hunter & The Collector, yet here we are today, a mere few months later with almost 7,000 Venturians and a growing MH Team!

The goal? To create a world-class, community backed VC, which we achieved with the help of our amazing team and community, hand in hand!

During this time of incredible growth, we’ve experienced highs and lows together, and most importantly our focus has always been on you, the community. To ensure the continued growth and safety of our community, we are pleased to announce the MH Protect Fund.

Currently, our standard fee is 8% on all deals (except ETH tokens) — going forward we will add a 2% fee to all our deals, this additional 2% will go directly to the MH Protect Fund which will cover against any future malicious actors and scammers from any community projects.

While we always do our utmost in taking the necessary steps to ensure a well vetted system, KYC and background checks, recent isolated events have shown that it is almost impossible to avoid the inevitable happening on those isolated occasions, this is the unfortunate reality of things, not only in crypto, but in all aspects of investments.

What we can do, as a community, is collectively contribute so that our affected Venturians have a level of comfort with regards to investments in general.

Our motto at MH Ventures is one that we all rise together and we all fall together, therefore, helping our fellow Venturians with a small contribution is the best way of showing such good faith. We’ve all been in a position of discomfort and experienced the feeling of being taken advantage of by such bad actors.

In crypto, as in every other form of business, there are success stories, and there are failures as well. We know that not all businesses, let alone crypto projects will fulfil their full potential and this is a risk that we all take as “venture capitalists” for the possibilities of untapped potential in getting involved with project at early stages.

DYOR, always!

How does it work? / What qualifies as an adverse event? / Who is a ‘bad actor’?

The MH Protect Fund wallet will continue to accumulate and will remain an open ended contribution pool for this purpose alone.

Any project that is deemed a malicious actor or scammer. As much as we don’t want to use this word, we are referring to ‘rug pulls’.

Therefore, any project, that is deemed a ‘hard rug pull’ in which the project maliciously, drops the project and “washes” funds through Tornado Cash and “disappears”, then the MH Protect Fund will be activated and all Venturians affected by this will receive 100% of their investment into the said project by way of a refund.

What happens if funds run out and another project rugs?

The MH Protect Fund will continue to accumulate until the necessary 100% of the project investment is reached and we will then reimburse the funds to the affected Venturians.

This is a simple and straightforward process.

We all contribute to the MH Ventures Protect Fund and we all, as a community, continue to grow together, not only for today, but more importantly, for tomorrow.

We want to thank you all for being the heart of everything we do. Remember that none of our successes could have been achieved without you!

Please stay tuned for an announcement of when this will commence, and thus will only apply to projects going forward within the MHVP initiative.


MH Ventures Team

NOTE: This is subject to change at any time, and all decisions will be made final by the MH Ventures team solely.

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