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Hello. This is MIB Team.
MIB has recently launched a new MIB Mining Pool in Germany.
This is our new MIB Germany Mining Pool Manager.

1. Please introduce yourself.

Tobias: Hello, my name is Tobias. Together with my good friend Tjark I run the German Mining-Pool. As a passionate IT merchant, I am naturally very interested in new technologies. Especially with the great example of Bitcoin, I have gained interest in the area of crypto currencies and would now like to contribute a part to the community with my commitment to MIB COIN and especially support the German-speaking users.

Tjark: Hello, my name is Tjark. As an IT systems merchant & account manager at a large IT solution provider in Germany I see a future in blockchain based technologies for the economy in a few years.

2. How did you decide to apply MIB Master Node manager?

Tobias: It is important for me to create a part for the formation of the German speaking community within MIB COIN. I see it as my part of the big task to establish the MIB COIN worldwide.

Tjark: I am convinced of the concept of the MIB COIN and would like to establish and promote the German-speaking area.

3. What do you think about the future of MIB?

Tobias: The MIB COIN had a strong performance and then lost some value. With the strong company and the extraordinary basis of the coin itself, I firmly believe in an appreciation and establishment in the foreseeable future.

Tjark: The MIB coin is the first serious crypto currency for mobile and above all “real” mining (no “cloud” mining). The potential is very great, as over 3 billion Android & iOS smartphones are actively used worldwide. Furthermore, it is not possible to mine with powerful PC hardware via emulators or native x86 Android due to our tests & analyses, so that I expect a significant upgrading and firm establishment of the MIB coin in the crypto market in the near future.

4. What is your plan to manage MIB Master Node

Tobias: Despite its advantages, the MIB COIN is largely unknown to German users. We will work on the distribution of the coin in our pool group. The support is incredible.

Tjark: The MIB coin is hardly known in Germany. We will actively work to push the MIB Coin. For this we need your support, e.g. to found a German homepage, a community portal as well as channels or groups in the social media. Marketing money for advertising would be very helpful. In the long run we would like to have an influence on the development of MIB Coin throughout Europe.

5. Do you have any last word for the interview?

Tobias: I would like to thank you for the chance to contribute a part to MIB COIN. We see a great potential to convince German speaking users of the project.

Tjark: I already actively use the Mining App via an unused Google Pixel XL and the app works very efficiently so that professional mining makes sense. However, I see the greatest potential among normal users and consumers. There are about 80 million Android & iOS smartphones in Germany, Austria & Switzerland alone. It would therefore be great if there were a version in the future that was still active in the background and that could actively use the smartphone.


MIB coin is a smartphone-based blockchain network. Endless possibilities mining with your smartphone. Start mobile mining today!


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Mobile SmartX Blockchain platform. MIB is a Mobile-only Cryptocurrency and Mobile-only Blockchain Network Ecosystem that enables existing Cryptocurrency Mining



MIB coin is a smartphone-based blockchain network. Endless possibilities mining with your smartphone. Start mobile mining today!

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