Interview from our MIB IRAQ Master Node Manager

  1. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Ammar Albaldawi. I live in Baghdad Iraq. I’m a 50-year-old IT-Engineer in Iraqna network ISP.

2. How did you decide to apply MIB Master Node manager?

Crypto-currency is mostly unknown in Iraq. We in Iraqna Networks thought to introduce Crypto-currency to Iraqis, when we search among thousands of coins available now; the most impressive one was Mobile Integrated Blockchain (MiB) coin. This great feature (mining only by mobile phone no ASICs, no GPUs) was very impressive and attractive to us that we decide to support MiB coin and go with the MiB team to the end.

3. What do you think about the future of MIB?

I think it will be very popular soon, everyone can use his phone to mine it, no need for expensive ASICs or GPUs, little power consumption, no noise and minimal space all these factors will attract people who wants to mine crypto-coins.

4. What is your plan to manage MIB Master Node?

Our Pool Iraq MiB pool & masternode will grow up slowly; we need to do multiple consequence announcement campaigns in social media, webinars and events to introduce the Blockchain and cryptocurrency concept.

5. Do you have any last word for the interview?

I hope MiB coins will lead crypto-coins in future, we all need to cooperate together for growing this coin up, and it will be very helpful for everyone.