MIB MainNet, participants from 55 countries around the world

MIB Mainnet project has been attracting attention with its SmartPhone-based Blockchain Mainnet, and it is now creating buzz as people worldwide are joining only in a month from its launch.

MIB Mainnet has been showing increasing number of global miners since its launch on November 12. The average number of miners are 10,000 miners a day, 29,000 miners a month, and 17 hours of mining on daily average. Also the miners are not from certain specific countries, but from 55 various countries throughout the world. It is now worthy of attention.

A Mainnet is an independent Blockchain ecosystem that provides a foundation to generate Cryptocurrencies and various DApps by operating its Blockchain network system, and the success of the Mainnet depends on the number of its miners and nodes that back up the ecosystem. Especially, the distribution of miners is the measure of success as Blockchain carries the banner for the value of decentralization. In case of MIB, it is shown to be highly competitive as its participants are mining from 55 countries around the world.
Jaden Park, the CEO of MIB stated that — “MIB Mainnet takes advantage of low-power and easy mining using Smartphone, which is the reason of its rapid success” and also expressed his ambition that — “There are three billion Smartphones in the world and MIB Mainnet will become one of the leading global Blockchain Mainnet by spurring the development of Distributed Computing Technology based on mobile mining device.

MIB will develop Platform Development Center to expand its ecosystem as its Mainnet has successfully settled down, and MIB plans to support various DApps to launch their services on MIB Mainnet in 2019.