MIB Multi Wallet App Update & Guide

Hello. This is MIB Team.

Today’s update for MIB Wallet App (Android).

- Multi MIB Wallet Management added

- Security Function added

- APP Function Stabilization

Also below is User Guide for the new updated MIB Multi Wallet.

MIB Multi Wallet is a multi functional Wallet that allows you to manage more than one MIB Wallet Addresses in one App.

We hope it makes Wallet management much easier for users who have more than one MIB Wallet address.

1) Click the red box from the main screen of MIB Wallet App.

2) You will see a pop up. Click ‘Add new Wallet’ to add a new wallet.

3) Name your new wallet and click ‘Select Wallet File’ button.

4) Choose a key store file for your new wallet.

5) Click ‘Add Wallet’ to finish.