Weekly Studio Roundup #1

Our weekly roundup focuses on the intersection of art and tech in museums and cultural orgs.

Image by Chad Weinard, built with ImagePlot, based on a montage of the Williams College Museum of Art’s collection, color filtered with Photoshop

Studio News

WCMA Partnership

A few weeks ago we travelled to the Berkshires to visit Williams College Museum of Art in Massachusetts. We are excited to announce our partnership with WCMA to build an Open API and new collection explorer. It’s great to work with a museum that is dedicated to open access data and we are looking forward to the work ahead.

WCMA Interactive Data Visualization Prototype

Around the Web

The Knight Foundation

We love seeing the support from the Knight Foundation to integrate more technology into museums. With expectations of audiences rapidly expanding, there is a real need for organizations to start embedding digital at the human resource level. The grant from the Knight Foundation seems like a great step in that direction. — link to Knight Foundation.

A New Memorial in Montgomery

This week was marked with a really important moment in history as a new National Memorial for Peace and Justice was opened in Montgomery, AL. Road trip, anyone?! — link to NYTimes.

Augmented Reality

The use of AR is still a gray area that museums are trying to figure out how to handle. Some have taken a leap and developed exhibitions around virtual and augmented reality while others are still hesitant to incorporate this unfamiliar technology. “Traditionally, the museum experience was one-directional: Curators conceived of and executed an exhibit, which visitors then enjoyed. Now, that’s all starting to change.”– link to Wired.

Hashtags We’re Following


Last week we were keeping up with the Museums and the Web Conference via Twitter and we wish we could have been there!


It has been exciting to see so much museum engagement on social media this week through the “Museum Week” initiative.

See you next week!