Robots, AI and Why Creativity is All That’s Left for You to Care About

You're sitting there for hours every week, trying to master your skills, learning those new Photoshop 3D effects, new trends, new programming languages, animation effects etc.

For what? They are definitely important, but not what should be on your top agenda. Let’s face it “skill sets” are being replaced with AI applications, and robots. Very soon you will ask a computer to build you a simple webpage, you will have simple libraries with any possible design element you could think about and users will be able to design something cool in minutes without any skills.

Designers will be replaced for basic tasks, programmers will be replaced for basic tasks, and many other industries will be affected the same way.

The only thing that AI is not even close to accomplishing is creativity, thinking different, and the ability to come up with ideas that will make someone stop and think for a moment.

“Seth Godin tells a story about driving through the countryside. He and his fellow passengers were amazed by the sheer number of cows that were surrounding them. They couldn’t stop talking about the cows.
But then something happened.
The cows ceased to be a novelty. There were so many of them, that they seemed like one mass herd of boring. That’s when Seth realized that to be truly remarkable, a cow would have to be purple to stand out. He realized that the same rule applied to the marketing world.”

So your new task, book you buy, or course you subscribe to should be about how to become more creative, how to think differently, and how to come up with whacky ideas. That my friend robots and AI won't be able to touch for many years, you will be safe and sound from anyone trying to steal your job, and it’s something that’s becoming more and more valuable in the work-force since “creating, publishing etc.” has gotten such a lower barrier to entry.

A creative engineer is more valuable than an engineer that knows 10 plus languages and frameworks.

A creative designer that can’t illustrate and can’t create awesome special effects but can think of world problems in different ways and solve them is more valuable than a top Dribbble designer that could create awesome special effects.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Einstein

Start investing in creativity daily, become that guy/girl who is known around the office as “that person who is kind of nuts but always finds solutions in a very creative way”

Your salary will increase, and your startup ideas will be better.

Creativity = The commodity and job security of the future.

Skill Sets = Software products and AI.

Good luck on your journey.


I put together a list of books for you guys to start your creative journey on. Also tell me in the comments what helps you become more creative in your daily life.

Creativity, Inc. Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration link

Purple Cow by Seth Godin link

The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life Link