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Creating a logo for a Horse Ranch

Creating a logo for a ranch in Axtell, UT.

In April of 2019, I was approached by a coworker to create a logo for her and her husband’s horse ranch. At the ranch, they teach kids how to ride and care for horses, cleaning and maintaining the stalls in which the horses stay, as well as leadership and life skills.

My coworker sent me this sketch of what she would like her logo to look like. CTR stands for Chad and Tycia Ranch.

After she sent me her sketch, I began by making several samples with similar fonts, different ones, and one done by hand in Illustrator. The top three were different fonts, middle is similar, and bottom was hand-drawn.

When I showed Tycia the sample logo’s created, she was happy with the options. The first one that caught her eye was the center one. I don’t know which font I used since it was in a foreign characters. She had me adjust some of the letters’ sizes and move the T and the R closer together. After I made the changes, I sent it her way. Here is the final product as well as their profile picture on Facebook.

Chad and Tycia were very easy to work with and were happy with what I created for them. This was a fun, simple project.



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Michael Burton

My name is Michael and I am studying UX design at Utah Valley University.