How MJ Revolutionized the History of Music Video?

We have talked a bit about his misfortunes. Now it’s time to embrace his evergreen works and contributions. It’s time to Thank Him!

No Doubt about his Talent, Creativity Hacks in Dance Moves and Record Breaking Albums.

Did I mention he revolutionized the Music Video Concept FOREVER?

Yeah Exactly!

Have you seen music videos with storytelling ability as well as song in the background of it?

Well this concept was initiated by Michael Jackson.

So how music videos used to be before him?

It featured disco multi-color lights flashing from the background, band playing drums and guitar and the leaf artist performing in the front.

BOOORING!!! Right?

MJ himself made such videos during his initial days.

Michael Jackson — Rock With You
Elvis Presley — HeartBreak Hotel

But the innovative concept of music video struck his inspiration in the early 80’s.

His first music video, Billie Jean, from the album Thriller was THE THING.

Bille Jean:-

Michael Jackson — Billie Jean

It was an introductory for new-style music video. But the real thing was yet to come out.

It all became huge when his music video Thriller 1982 from the same album got released.

Michael Jackson — Thriller

It was a 13-minute full-pack of acting, drama, horror, music and unique dance moves remembered as zombie​-dance.

It starred MJ and Ola Ray as couple. The scene starts as MJ asking Ola to be his Girl to which she agrees. But, it’s a full moon night. Horrible night was yet to be arrived. MJ expresses discomfort by bending down and asks her to “Go Away”. As he looks upward, his face by now has been turned to a werewolf. I think that’s the most unique and innovative idea one can have in that era, thus linking it to a theater scene, then amazing music & dance and another horrific Ending…

That’s the contribution MJ has made in the entertainment industry and for this no matter what era we enter into or upto what extent technology can get ahead. One thing is for sure, this technique of MICHAEL JACKSON will keep entertaining us for generations ahead.

Thanks MICHAEL! ❤

Love YOU

Long live the King 👑