Grrratitude Day

It’s Grrratitude Day! It’s a good day to reflect on relationships: personally, professionally, good and bad. Wait… bad? You bet your lab coat, Dexter! It’s easy to be grateful for people that see value in our existence, but how much we can learn about ourselves from interactions with humans that bump up against us too, if we really pay attention.

It’s sort of fulfilling to know that the struggles you face have a purpose greater than just to trip you up.

You know, you can break the word Gratitude down into two words: “Grrrr” and “Attitude”. I think that the one who invented the word had some trials of her own. Maybe she was slighted by a coworker or friend, and thought to herself, “Grrrrr”, but then had an awakening, deciding that, while burning with anxiety or frustration, at any time she can shift her perspective, her focus… her attitude toward those things in her life that she appreciates. She can even face the most toxic situations with mental acuity. The narrative playing out in her head might go something like this:

“I’m so frustrated with this person. Grrrr…but wait…I’m in control of my attitude. In fact, I’m grateful because I just learned a vital truth about myself and my values from this stinky interaction.”

Grrrr…Check your attitude. Grrr attitude. Gratitude.

She didn’t attempt to correct the perspective of others or even deny that problems existed. She expected that they would come. And it better positioned her to see her problems for what they TRULY were, take the necessary action, and move forward with peace of mind.

Friend, have a happy gratitude day! Every day.

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