Nadya Tolokno — Actvity 6

Nadezhda Andreyevna Tolokonnoikova also know as “Nadya Tolokonnikova” is a Russian artist and political activist. She is a member of the group “Pussy Riot”, a feminist protest punk band group in Russia. Tolokonnikova and members of the band were charged with hooliganism for performing a song in a church that was against President Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church. As a result, Tolokonnikova was in prison for two years for this corageous act. Tolokonnoikova is recognized as a political prisoner by the Russian Human Rights group “Union of Solidarity with Political Prisoners.” On December 23, 2013 Tolokonnikova was released from a prison hospital in Krasnoyarsk, where she was being treated for an unspecified illness. Based off from what I’ve researched she is similar to other artist such as Dread Scott and Ai Wei-wei. Tolokonnikova stands up for what she believes in and takes action, regardless of what the consequences are. These types of artists/politial activists are greatly respected because they attempt to make a change in society and speak up for minority groups.

The route that Tolokonnikova and members of “Pussy Riot” decided to take on how to protest can be described as peaceful, yet bold. Her act in the church that mocked Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church was peaceful, yet her point was reached the audience and no one was hurt. I would consider Tolokonnikova and members of the group as“pacifisits”, because they’re reaching their audience through peaceful methods and not through the use of violence. Another example of Tolokonnikova and “Pussy Riot” using a non-violent method is the video they created called “Make America Great Again”. This video is aimed toward President Donald Trump and his beliefs. One of the major claims that Tolokonnikova made in the video about Trump was that he resembles Adolf Hitler and the Natzis.

Tolokonnikova art work focuses on political activist reasons. After reading the full story about what she did at Russian Church, I made the assumption that she is trying to inform the citiziens of Russia of what is really going on and what Putin is supporting and what he isnt. Similarly, Dread Scott and his art piece where if someone wanted to leave a comment, they would have to step on the American Flag. Although some found this disresepctful, this act made people question why Scott did this. In my opinion, Tolokonnikova and Scott’s purpose of their actions is to get people involved with their country and encourage them to make changes in laws that supress minority groups.

Activity: Sketching in the Garden

This activity was actually stress relieiving. This past week I’ve been having issues with my work and this has caused a lot of stress for me. After doing this activity I felt a lot more calm and less anxious. I know my drawing isnt the best but the health benefits definitely worked! The hand drawing activity was probably the most difficult due to the fact that I couldn’t look down at the paper and on top of that I’m not the best artist. I really liked this activity because it required me to go outside and do something productive. Another benefit from this activity was that it made realize that my backyard needs a lot of work! Haha.

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