Anti-Trump Protesters are Petulant Children

“You better ask somebody”

The anti-Trump protesters and petulant children are analogous. The kiddos didn’t get the president they wanted, so they are throwing temper tantrums –- and objects at police officers who are trying to disperse the annoying and destructive crowds.

These democratic and/or so-called liberals wear a mask of tolerance, peace, and acceptance for everyone, but when they take their fake-smile masks off, you see the real person that has been hiding below the surface of their thin skin. The only time pseudo liberals are tolerant and empathetic are when others share their views and opinions. They will give you bonus points if you like the same music as them.


Let’s hope that the unnecessary protests end soon. American protesters tend to get tired rather quickly. Many of the people taking it to the streets realize they are losing money by taking days off from their high-paying jobs. The only upset individuals who want to keep their block parties going till the break of dawn are the trust fund kids from places like Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Since the left- (and the super far left-) wingers don’t like Donald J. Trump, then it is only fair that they give back all the money that his tax cuts are going to save them. Trump has done a lot less damage to the world and a hell of a lot less dirty dealing than Hill and Bill Clinton. If you wanted, you could easily do some research on your iPhone and find out what the Clintons and their charity took part in. Why are the Clintons shutting down The Clinton Foundation? Because they can no longer sell political favors for cash and prizes. Such a great woman she is, right? Keep crying for her and skipping school or work because of her loss and the killing of her cash cow. Your support will be greatly appreciated, I’m sure.

It’s about time for the citizens to stop letting themselves be lied to and worked into a frenzy by BIG OLE MEDIA. Their profit is the result of your confusion. And, they’re ruining friendships and harsh-ing my mellow, broseph.