Wolverine Crypto Trading: The First Student-Led Crypto Fund in the World

Now Wolverine Blockchain

Rishi Prasad
Oct 3, 2017 · 2 min read
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May 2018 Update: Wolverine Crypto Trading has officially re-branded to Wolverine Blockchain. View our new website for all details and information.

Michigan FinTech is officially announcing our partnership with Wolverine Crypto Trading, the newest student-led investment fund at the University of Michigan using real money to trade in the global and dynamic cryptocurrency markets.


WCT is a cryptocurrency investment fund that allows a select cohort of students (traders) to invest money ($1000/student provided by fund) towards creating a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies. WCT allows traders to each manage their own individual portfolios, giving traders full autonomy over how they choose to invest their capital into cryptocurrencies and providing an incredible action-based learning experience. This contrasts with traditional investment funds which typically entail pooled funds and/or decisions.

The project will be run on digital currency exchange Bittrex, which offers 200+ alt-coins (coins other than BTC) including Ether, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Monero, NEO, OmiseGo, and many others.

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Top 10 Coins by Market cap (Circulating Supply * Price) as of October 2017

Trading, Discussion & Community

  • Trading: Using a fully digital, crypto-to-crypto exchange, members trade BTC, LTC, ETH and hundreds of other coins, experiencing first-hand the sometimes rapid volatility of digital assets.
  • Discussion: Members meet weekly to discuss current events, articles or videos in the crypto space. Members rotate picking the topic and then lead the discussion, sharing successes/failures and brainstorming investment opportunities.
  • Community: Once per month, WCT opens up meetings to the larger University of Michigan community. The project strives to build community at the University of Michigan by bringing in professors, industry experts, and companies to engage with our members and share professional and personal experiences.

Join Us

You’ll want to join us if you are:

  • Curious about digital currencies and blockchain technology, and want to learn more about how they are shaping the future of financial products and systems
  • Passionate about finding and capturing opportunities in markets, and want to gain first-hand experience in building a diversified portfolio of digital currencies
  • Looking for an unparalleled, hands-on learning experience

Our timeline and application can be found at our website here.

Mass Meeting: October 10th from 8 to 9pm in Blau Hall, B3570 (Ross)

Application Deadline: October 15th at 11:59 pm

Learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain here: www.coindesk.com/information

Visit WCT’s website here (application): www.wolverinecryptotrading.com

RSVP for our first mass-meeting: https://www.facebook.com/events/286861811809917/

Have any questions? Email danny@wolverinecryptotrading.com or rishi@wolverinecryptotrading.com

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