4 Songs That Use The Same Riff As Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”

Not too long ago I was researching new article ideas for Micro-Chop when I stumbled upon a great starting point: Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” has striking similarities to “Eighties” by Killing Joke. I started to write the article and before I knew it I’d discovered three other songs that use a similar riff.

While “Baby Come Back” by The Royals dates all the way back to 1966, the other three songs were all released within a two year span. And, based on extensive online research, none of the bands were aware of each other’s work.

Looking at “Come As You Are” vs. “Eighties” vs. all the other songs was a fascinating case study in musical origins. It’s very difficult to pinpoint the exact starting point of a famous guitar riff and bands can utilize the same riff without knowing it.

Here are the four songs that have a very similar sound to “Come As You Are” with YouTube links included. You can hear the common elements in each tune, but all the tracks are quite good and unique in their own way.

  1. 22 Faces”- Garden of Delight
  2. Baby Come Back”- The Royals
  3. Eighties”- Killing Joke
  4. Life Goes On”- The Damned

Click the link below to read the full article on the origins of “Come As You Are”.

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