A Micro-Chop Premiere: “Nasty Jawns IV” by Small Professor

O n December 3rd, 2013 Philadelphia-based producer Small Professor debuted the first part of his Nasty Jawns instrumental series on Bandcamp. For the next two years Pro dropped subsequent editions on the same date, bringing the total of Nasty Jawns releases to three by 2015. After taking a brief hiatus in 2016 to focus on other projects like his Career Crooks album with Zilla Rocca, Pro is back with a fourth installment.

The Bandcamp version of Nasty Jawns IV.

On the latest release, Pro takes the Nasty Jawns title very literally, using some x-rated noises to further enhance the smooth instrumentals. The tracks “sqeak”, “clap”, and “steady”, all draw inspiration from Blueprint’s 2004 song “Hot Sex”, which “sampled rhythmic porn-esque sounds of passion,” as Pro puts it. Though it’s difficult to make such an unconventional sample source work with the music, Pro pulls it off well.

For tracks like “release” and “down”, Pro revisited songs that have sexually explicit content, reinterpreting two samples from Slum Village’s Fantastic Vol. 2.

Beyond the Slum Village influence, fans of 90s east coast hip-hop will recognize basslines that evoke early Beatminerz productions on several of the songs. Meanwhile, the album’s final composition “down” sees Pro drawing off of a subtle house music influence — something he first started experimenting with on Nasty Jawns III.

The fourth installment in the Nasty Jawn series is an interesting change of pace from volumes I-III. There is enough here to drawn in fans of Small Professor’s previous releases, but the use of x-rated sound effects helps give the album a unique feel that is different than any of the previous volumes.

You can preview and buy Nasty Jawns IV by using embedded Bandcamp player above. To check out the rest of Small Pro’s vast catalog of instrumental releases, click here.

Connect with Small Professor on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, and Twitter @smallpro.

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