The cassette and cover art for Coalmine Records’ “Beats, Mines and Life: An Instrumental Journey”.

A Micro-Chop Premiere: “Beats, Mines and Life: An Instrumental Journey” on Coalmine Records

I n a saturated market where mining through all of the worthwhile beat tapes and instrumental releases often feels like an impossible task, it’s nice to see labels doing their part to offer a highly curated listening experience. Coalmine Records’ first instrumental-only offering Beats, Mines, and Life: An Instrumental Journey is a feat of song selection and sequencing, as the label hand-picked an impressive arsenal of tracks from producers they’ve worked with in recent years and turned them into a remarkably fluid and enjoyable listen. Micro-Chop is excited to premier the project here for our readers to enjoy.

Available on limited addition cassette on Saturday, October 14th, 2017 to coincide with Cassette Story Day and on digital/streaming platforms today, this is a beat-centric project you don’t want to miss. Featuring Ayatollah, Khrysis, M-Phazes, Micro-Chop interviewee Small Professor, Nottz, and many more highly-respected producers, the compilation opens with Ayatollah’s beautiful, meticulously composed string-laced beat “Naturally Born”. Up next Nottz gives us “Atlantis”, a trick ripe with layers of neck-snapping drums and unconventional vocal samples.

A few tracks later M-Phases flexes sample chopping skills that will impress any Micro-Chop reader on “Get Down” while J57’s expertly crafted fusion of melancholy piano keys, haunting vocals snippets, and dusted drums on “The Art of Sole” will have you eagerly seeking out the rest of his catalog. In a fitting tribute to the group this compilation pays homage to, Thelonious Martin ends the album with his bold re-imagining of the same sample Tribe flipped on their classic song “Lyrics to Go”. From front to back this compilation is 100% wheat, no chaff.

Whether you’re a seasoned beat head or just a casual fan who wants some good music to vibe out to, Beats, Mines, and Life: An Instrumental Journey is a varied and strong offering that’s well worth your attention. Though it is the first instrumental offering from Coalmine Records, hopefully they’ll put out many more in the future. This compilation proves that their staff has the keen ear needed to create an engaging and memorable listening experience.

If you don’t have Spotify, check it out on Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, iTunes,Soundcloud, and Tidal. Or buy it on cassette from Fat Beats.

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