An Up-To-Date List of Every Micro-Chop Playlist: 53 and Counting

In early April of 2017 I felt like Micro-Chop was getting a bit stale. I love writing my deep dive/research-based articles about songs and albums, but I wanted to experiment with a different approach to add some variety.

So I created a bunch of playlists based on a specific piece of gear, producer, or record label. Then I wrote a mini article to accompany each playlist. Organizing music into these different categories gave me a new storytelling mechanism and served as a fun excuse to listen to obscene amounts of music.

At first I posted 21 article/playlists in a little over one month. Then I kept making tons of playlists, sometimes with an accompanying article and sometimes without one. I also started using SoundCloud and found it was a great way to connect with a new audience.

I realize that might be an overwhelming amount of music to check out at one time, so I decided to organize the playlists into a user friendly list. To simplify the process of keeping track of them, I’ll update this list whenever I put out a new one. Enjoy.

Article Playlists

Albums: Midnight Marauders

DAWs and Gear: E-mu SP-12 and 1200, Fruity Loops (FL Studio), Roland SP 303, 404, and 555, Roland TR-808

Producers: 9th Wonder, 14KT, 14KT and Ro Spit (RSXGLD), Seneca B, Battlecat, D.R.U.G.S. BEATS, Apollo Brown, Easy Mo Bee, Paul C, Dibia$e, Missy Elliott, Damu The Fudgemunk, Scotty Hard, Lauryn Hill, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Madlib, Ohbliv, Prince Paul, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Statik Selektah, STLNDRMS, Kanye West

Record Labels: Mello Music Group, Stones Throw, Street Corner Music

SoundCloud Playlists

Producers: 14KT, Jay Alpha, Seneca B, D.R.U.G.S. Beats, Dibia$e, Stro Elliot, Tall Black Guy, K, Le Maestro, STLNDRMS

Monthly: June 2017, June 2017 Pt. 2, July 2017, July 2017 Pt. 2, July 2017 Pt. 3

Spotify Playlists

Holidays: Christmas 2016, Halloween 2017

Monthly: Summer 2017, October 2017, October 2017 Pt. 2

Producers: Diamond D

Rappers: Masta Ace, Mos Def

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