Fly On The Wall: The Making Of Juicy The Emissary’s “Attention Kmart Choppers”

Yesterday I published an interview on Micro-Chop where producer Juicy The Emissary broke down his new album Attention Kmart Choppers. To make his latest project, Juicy spent days sifting through 59 different Kmart-issued cassette and reel-to-reel tapes, archiving the samples, and chopping them up in Reason 4. Then he reworked the chopped samples into a fluid instrumental composition with a simple midi keyboard and Reason 4. The end result is a remarkable creative feet that takes hours of disposable “muzak” and and turns it into one indisposable album.

The album’s fascinating backstory, cover art, and music are all attention grabbers, but how did Juicy actually get from point A to point B? Reading about his workflow is one thing, but much is left to the imagination without seeing it firsthand.

Luckily for us, Juicy provided a valuable archive of his creative process while Kmart Choppers was under construction. In a collection of 11 brief Instagram videos, he takes us on a journey from original sample source to final composition in a matter of seconds. While the videos offer just a glimpse of what it took to make 11 out of the 12 songs on the album, it gives the viewer a bit more understanding of what it took to make the final product.

All 11 videos are sorted in order by track number below. If you’d like to read the interview before watching the videos, click here.












Connect with Juicy on Bandcamp, Instagram, his website, and on Twitter @juicythemissary.

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