A home studio setup. (Credit: Klara Kopf)

Here’s All 60 Micro-Chop Spotify Playlists in One Gigantic, Organized List

A comprehensive set of expertly curated listening experiences.

I n the year 2018, freelance writers can’t just write articles and expect people to care.

In addition to being a strong writer, you need to load your work with links, music, videos, and visuals if you want people to stay with it and read the damn thing.

Much as it sucks to feel like your writing is almost secondary much of the time, it makes sense in a way. There are so many articles and lists out there — not to mention the cascading avalanche of endless distraction and entertainment elsewhere — it’s hard to compete when you’re just offering a collection of words with nothing as a supplement.

To help give my Micro-Chop articles some extra oomph, I’ve taken to crafting playlists for different special occasions, specific pieces of gear and DAWs, groups, record labels, MCs, producers, and my 104 Jammin’ Ass Instrumental series. I put a lot of thought and care into these playlists and organize the vast majority of them by the tempo and feel of the music.

Since life is busy and you all have shit to do, I realize many of these playlists my have flown under your radar. So I decided to organize them into one big list for easy access.

All of them are attached to an article — some of them rather brief and some of them longer. If you like the article and playlist and you have a Medium account, please consider clapping for the article to help boost visibility.

I hope you enjoy listening and reading. There are 60 playlists total. Please follow them on Spotify and share them around if the spirit moves you.

Gear Playlists

  1. Micro-Chopping The Roland SP-303, 404, and 555 — an exclusive 23-track playlist
  2. Micro-Chopping The Roland TR-808 — an exclusive 40-track playlist
  3. Micro-Chopping FL Studio — an exclusive 21-track playlist
  4. Micro-Chopping The E-mu SP-12 and SP-1200 — an exclusive 24-track playlist

Group Playlists

  1. Micro-Chopping The Du-Rites — an exclusive 28-track playlist
  2. Micro-Chopping RSXGLD — an exclusive 41-track playlist

104 Jammin’ Ass Instrumental Playlists

  1. Micro-Chopping 104 Jammin’ Ass Instrumentals Part 1
  2. Micro-Chopping 104 Jammin’ Ass Instrumentals Part 2
  3. Micro-Chopping 104 Jammin’ Ass Instrumentals Part 3
  4. Micro-Chopping 104 Jammin’ Ass Instrumentals Part 4
  5. Micro-Chopping 104 Jammin’ Ass Instrumentals Part 5

Record Label Playlists

  1. Micro-Chopping Mello Music Group — an exclusive 22-track playlist
  2. Micro-Chopping Street Corner Music — an exclusive 26-track playlist
  3. Micro-Chopping 104 Street Corner Music Instrumentals
  4. Micro-Chopping Stones Throw Records — an exclusive 34-track playlist

MC Playlists

  1. Micro-Chopping Black Thought — an exclusive 69-track playlist
  2. Micro-Chopping Michael Millions — an exclusive 24-track playlist

Producer Playlists

  1. Micro-Chopping 14KT — an exclusive 25-track playlist
  2. Micro-Chopping Alchemist — an exclusive 40-track playlist
  3. Micro-Chopping Apollo Brown — an exclusive 25-track playlist
  4. Micro-Chopping Seneca B — an exclusive 21-track playlist
  5. Micro-Chopping Battlecat — an exclusive 22-track playlist
  6. Micro-Chopping D.R.U.G.S BEATS — an exclusive 19-track playlist
  7. Micro-Chopping Easy Mo-Bee — an exclusive 36-track playlist
  8. Paul C To The Organisms — an exclusive 22-track playlist
  9. Micro-Chopping Count Bass D — an exclusive 30-track playlist
  10. Micro-Chopping Dibia$e — an exclusive 31-track playlist
  11. Micro-Chopping J Dilla — an exclusive 87-track playlist
  12. Micro-Chopping 104 MF DOOM and Madlib instrumentals
  13. Micro-Chopping eu-IV — an exclusive 20-track playlist
  14. Micro-Chopping Missy Elliott — an exclusive 20-track playlist
  15. Micro-Chopping Damu The Fudgemunk — an exclusive 32-track playlist
  16. Micro-Chopping Ras G — an exclusive 40-track playlist
  17. Micro-Chopping Space Gang — an exclusive 21-track playlist
  18. Micro-Chopping Havoc — an exclusive 41-track playlist
  19. Micro-Chopping Lauren Hill — an exclusive 16-track playlist
  20. Micro-Chopping ILLingsworth — an exclusive 30 track playlist
  21. Micro-Chopping Khrysis — an exclusive 40-track playlist
  22. Micro-Chopping Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis — an exclusive 52-track playlist
  23. Micro-Chopping Madlib — an exclusive 21-track playlist
  24. Micro-Chopping Mecca:83 — an exclusive 30-track playlist
  25. Micro-Chopping Jake One — an exclusive 31-track playlist
  26. Micro-Chopping Prince Paul — an exclusive 42-track playlist
  27. Micro-Chopping DJ Premier — an exclusive 40-track playlist
  28. Micro-Chopping Pete Rock — an exclusive 40-track playlist
  29. Micro-Chopping RJD2 — an exclusive 32-track playlist
  30. Micro-Chopping Statik Selektah — an exclusive 30-track playlist
  31. Micro-Chopping Erick Sermon — an exclusive 41-track playlist
  32. Micro-Chopping STLNDRMS — an exclusive 22-track playlist
  33. 29 Kanye West Songs You Need To Revisit Right Now
  34. Micro-Chopping 9th Wonder — an exclusive 32-track playlist

Themed Playlists

  1. A Very Micro-Chop Christmas Volume 1
  2. A Very Micro-Chop Christmas Volume 2
  3. A Tribute To Combat Jack
  4. Songs Inspired By Martin Luther King
  5. Micro-Chopping Midnight Marauders — an exclusive 18-track playlist
  6. The Secret Origins of 16 Popular Albums and Songs from The 90s
  7. Micro-Chopping 100 Cover Songs
  8. Micro-Chop’s 100 Top Spotify Songs of 2017
  9. Micro-Chopping 2017: 110 Great Songs From The Past Year

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