“I Was Trying to Take Control of My Narrative” — An Oddisee Interview

The DC native discusses making beats 14 hours a day as a teenager, his frustration with misleading reviews of ‘The Iceberg,’ and the importance of rethinking how we define success.

Gino Sorcinelli
Apr 8 · 8 min read

Official “After Thoughts” music video.

“I was like, ‘Where’s your studio, where’s your drums, where’s your keyboards?’ He was like ‘I sample.’”

Official “Own Appeal” music video.

“We just made beats all day and whenever we finished we would play one out loud. And we’d just keep going, it was like 14 hours a day sometimes.”

Oddisee’s discussing his ASR-X in an excerpt of ‘The Stand.’

“I think my 10,000 hours happened around 2007. And that’s when I started to make serious money from music.”

Official “Caprice Down” music video.

“I can handle a lot of bullshit from a lot of people in the music industry. But my father being disappointed in me is one of the things that hurts me the most.”

“This album is about the finances of black America, depression, Donald Trump and elections, racism, anti-immigration, Islamaphobia.”

“I was trying to take control of my narrative. I’ve been trying to take control of my narrative for years and it has been the most difficult part of my battle.”

Micro-Chopping Oddisee — an exclusive 42-track playlist.

“I’m trying to show people a tangible way to success and that there’s not one definition. I’m genuinely happy in my life and in my music.”


Dissecting beatmaking, DJing, rapping, and sampling.

Gino Sorcinelli

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Dissecting beatmaking, DJing, rapping, and sampling.