K, Le Maestro taking a short break from producing. (Credit: Facebook)

K, Le Maestro Hit One Million Plays On SoundCloud: Here’s a 30-Track Playlist to Celebrate

The past seven months have been a whirlwind for 17-year-old London-based producer K, Le Maestro. Only midway through his senior year of high school, the resourceful young producer recently broke one million plays on SoundCloud. Using nothing but the little-known DAW Mixcraft and his trusty laptop, K also earned nods from Flying Lotus on Twitter while earning himself a spot on the forthcoming Elaquent EP.

Micro-Chopping K, Le Maestro — a 30-track playlist of some key Le Maestro jams.

To summarize his meteoric SoundCloud success during the second half of 2017, K took to Instagram on New Years Eve to reflect on his growth in recent months. “A n***a had 500 followers, 46 thousand plays and 0 clout before May,” he said. “Now I have just over 6.5 thousand supporters on da Cloud and >1.07 million plays under my belt in just 7 months.”

K credits part of his success to the fact that he uses a lesser-known program to make beats that doesn’t have many producer co-signs or online tutorials. This forced him to spend endless hours in his room learning every single nuance of Mixcraft by himself as he honed his sound. With no mentor to show him the ropes and no YouTube videos to study, K developed a style all his own that continues to evolve with each new song. “Everything I learned, I learned by myself,” he told me in an earlier Micro-Chop interview. “If I teach myself, I find my own style through leaning myself.”

This process of self-discovery gives K the freedom to float in between genres and styles with ease. Reworking Amerie’s “One Thing” one minute and flipping the hell out of Crime Mob’s “Knuck If You Buck” the next, K has demonstrated a unique ability to mix and match genres without sounding corny or forced — remixing Brandy, Common, Kendrick, and Snoop with equal dexterity.

“Everything I learned, I learned by myself. If I teach myself, I find my own style through leaning myself.”

Despite significant success on songs like his “One Thing” remix, K maintains the best of his work is yet to come. “What I think is better than that remix is something that I haven’t made yet,” he told me in our interview. “I don’t know what I can make to top it. But whatever I haven’t made could be the next thing.”

K’s remix of Snoop Dogg’s “Sexual Eruption”.

Whether or not K’s next remix will top his masterful Amerie rework, the milestone of one million SoundCloud plays gives us a good excuse to stop and revisit his full catalog. Since navigating individual cuts on SoundCloud can be a bit tedious, it seemed logical to put some of K’s finer moments on the platform into one easy to access playlist. Here they are — 30 of Micro-Chop’s favorite songs from K, Le Maestro in one user-friendly collection.

2017 was a banner year for K, Le Maestro, but the future looks even brighter. Perhaps in 2018 he’ll break through two or three million SoundCloud plays while diversifying his success onto other platforms.

Connect with K, Le Maestro on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, and on Twitter @lemaestromind.

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