Grey Album producer Danger Mouse rocking a sharp suite. (Photo Credit: Cuepoint)

Micro-Chop’s 15 Most Recommended Medium Articles: Danger Mouse, Paul C, Prince Paul, and Much More

Constant article creation is a must when you’re a writer trying to break through the relentless cacophony of internet. But every once in a while it’s nice to stop, breathe, and take stock of which pieces are actually resonating with the world.

As someone who writes primarily on Medium for my Micro-Chop publication, it’s interesting to look at the articles that take off on Medium vs. articles that take off in general. Medium is its own universe — sometimes a story that explodes on here barely makes a sound elsewhere. At the same time, some of my most read pieces have had modest responses on Medium.

Trying to figure out the how and why behind the success of an article can be mystifying, but I’m happy to people are making their way to my work, however they discover it.

Below you’ll find the 15 most popular Micro-Chop articles on Medium right now. Everything from my deep dive’s on The Grey Album and Paul C to stories about the making of Stevie Wonder’s Songs In The Key of Life and Janet Jackson’s Control. If you’d like to do a comparison, here are the 10 most viewed Micro-Chop articles of all time.

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