The 11 Most Read Producer Interviews on Micro-Chop: J-Zone, Dibia$e, and More

Over the course of the past six or seven months, producer interviews have become the bread and butter of Micro-Chop. I’ve done quite a few of them, with 41 already published and new interviews happening all the time.

Interviewing people about their creative process is endlessly fascinating. Every producer is different and they all bring their own unique voice to the art of making music.

J-Zone and Dibia$e told me about how they used cassettes tape sampling in their early production. Easy Mo Bee explained how the historic Biz Markie sample lawsuit helped him grow and evolve as a producer. Prince Paul talked about how Public Enemy and The Bomb Squad influenced the production on De La Soul is Dead.

Meanwhile STLNDRMS explained how to use the SP-303, 404, and MPC in tandem while Damu The Fudgemunk spoke of the personal trials and tribulations he experienced while making his Vignettes album. And the list goes on.

Since the full list of 41 producer interviews might be an overwhelming starting place for some, I decided to compile a shorter list of the 11 most read producer interviews. Medium can actually track how many people read vs. click on articles based on how long they engage with the piece. In my experience, high read numbers are a good indicator that a broad spectrum of people found an article or interview compelling.

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