The cover art for STLNDRM’s ‘Bag’ single.

The Micro-Chop Daily X #14–ControlleRISE Edition

A Micro-Chop playlist featuring 10 hand-picked instrumentals — every single day for an entire year.

Founded not long ago by producers BLKCUBES and STLNDRMS, ControlleRISE has become a premier destination for Atlanta-based beat makers. The premise is simple but brilliant — every week producers gather at a venue to perform live beat sets while anime and manga movies play in the background. It’s a powerful blend of audio and visual live performance that will likely continue to grow considerably in size and scope over time.

The Micro-Chop Daily X #14–ControlleRISE Edition. Ten hand-picked instrumentals for your listening enjoyment.

In the past year ConrolleRISE has evolved its in-person and online presence. Shows typically gather 10,000 organic views on Facebook while crowds of 100 people and more attend the live performances. Best of all, the ControlleRISE audience is far from passive — it’s not unusual to see hundreds of comments and shares during a live stream.

The show’s benefits also extend well beyond providing producers with a place to showcase their work. By giving anime and beat enthusiasts a common destination, ControlleRISE has merged authentic and diverse audiences that might not interact with one another otherwise. They also bring a heavy traffic flow to the venues where they perform — bars and restaurants routinely see a spike in business and press coverage once they’ve hosted a ControlleRISE event.

In addition to their revered live events, the ControlleRISE crew is building up a presence on Bandcamp and streaming. With their Bandcamp page now featuring a wide array of releases from artists like Maurice Daniel, Takamaru Gaiden, Funk.shu, and STLNDRMS, it’s clear that they will find a way to get their music heard — whether it’s through albums and singles or live beat sets.

It is important to remember that the ControlleRISE crew and event is still a relatively new concept. Having accomplished so much in a short span of time, it will be interesting to see what they have in store for the end of 2018 and 2019. Whatever direction they, it’s likely they will continue to be a positive force for the beat community.

The fourteenth playlist in this series features the following artists, with each name hyperlinked to bring you directly to their Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or website: Takamaru Gaiden, STLNDRMS, Tvpes, JFilt, Kreatev, Phatmanslimm, Leem Lizzy, Funk.shu, Maurice Daniel, Omar.

Be on the lookout for The Micro-Chop Daily X #15 dropping tomorrow.

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