The cover art for Khrysis’ ‘fuNkwhatchuheard album.

The Micro-Chop Daily X #24–ProducerTrentTaylor’s Guest Selections

A Micro-Chop playlist featuring 10 hand-picked instrumentals — every single day for an entire year.

Gino Sorcinelli
Sep 21, 2018 · 3 min read

ProducerTrentTaylor and I first connected through social media about a year ago after I started following his Instagram feed and he direct messaged me links to some of his instrumental albums. Already a fan of his beat making videos, I was immediately drawn to his The Weed Tape Reloaded, which includes hypnotic tunes like “Heaven Scent”. We’ve stayed in regular contact since our early connection and have shared various advice and ideas with each other during that time.

With the recent release of Trent’s new conceptual album Rare Candy, I decided to conduct a Micro-Chop interview with him earlier this week that will go live in the near future. I want to save most of what we talked about for when the interview goes up on the site, but Trent’s story is remarkable. After finishing his first beat tape right before he was kicked out of the air force a few years back, Trent went through a considerable amount of turmoil and upheaval in his personal life. He somehow navigated the rocky waters and has since emerged with a rapidly growing following and a booming presence on Spotify and other streaming services.

As Trent’s profile and sphere of influence continues to grow, I appreciate the fact that he always seems interested in how he can empower other producers. The music industry is highly competitive and not always friendly. The beat scene is no exception. Once people hit a certain level in their careers, they are understandably hyper-focused on sustaining their success. It shows character when someone who has success asks how they can use it to put other people on.

During our interview, Trent and I discussed the Micro-Chop Daily X 10-beat playlists I’ve been posting every day for the past three weeks and how I’ve had people like Dibia$e, eu-IV, and John Morrison guest-curate playlists for me. As we started to wrap up our conversation, I asked him if he would be interesting in putting together a Daily X playlist for me and he readily agreed. Included above are his selections — nine beats from other producers and one from his stellar Rare Candy project.

While you wait for our Micro-Chop interview to drop, make sure to give a listen to Trent’s Micro-Chop Daily X Guest Selections.

The twenty-fourth playlist in The Micro-Chop Daily X series features the following artists, with each name hyperlinked to bring you directly to their Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or website: Mndsgn, The Alchemist, ProducerTrentTaylor, Rnd1, Madlib, Khrysis, Pete Rock, J Dilla.

Be on the lookout for The Micro-Chop Daily X #25 dropping tomorrow.

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Dissecting beatmaking, DJing, music production, rapping, and sampling.

Gino Sorcinelli

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Freelance journalist @Ableton, ‏@HipHopDX, @okayplayer, @Passionweiss, @RBMA, @ughhdotcom + @wearestillcrew. Creator of and @bookshelfbeats.


Dissecting beatmaking, DJing, music production, rapping, and sampling.

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