The Micro-Chop Substack Broke 500 Subscribers

A quick update on some early newsletter success.

Gino Sorcinelli
Aug 28 · 2 min read

Hi Folks,

In its first six weeks the Micro-Chop Substack newsletter broke 500 total subscribers. This is very exciting news. People seem to love it so far and I love this new way of engaging my readers.

The unique hybrid of newsletter and website that Substack offers has certainly helped generate new interest in Micro-Chop while earning me some additional income for my hard work.

I’m very happy with the results and plan on putting the majority of my writing effort into freelancing and Substack moving forward — at least for the time being.

So far, I’ve written about

If you enjoy Micro-Chop articles, signing up for the newsletter is an incredible show of support.

Free subscribers receive a new article every Monday.

Paying subscribers receive new articles every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

To help give my subscriber numbers another boost, I’m dropping the annual subscription price from $43.33 to $30 for the remainder of August. This is a significant savings of 50% off the monthly plan of $5/month.

If you can, please consider getting a paid subscription to help make Micro-Chop a sustainable operation.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.

— Gino


Dissecting beatmaking, DJing, music production, rapping, and sampling.

Gino Sorcinelli

Written by

Freelance journalist @Ableton, ‏@HipHopDX, @okayplayer, @Passionweiss, @RBMA, @ughhdotcom + @wearestillcrew. Creator of www.Micro-Chop.com and @bookshelfbeats.


Dissecting beatmaking, DJing, music production, rapping, and sampling.

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