A Door in the Mind

Anthony sat alone in a corner. He ignored the other people around him. They muttered to themselves about this lack of interest. They nittered and nagged about his intent focus and his ability to shut out everyone but himself. They went on and on about the world that he lived in and the isolation that he kept himself in. They wondered out loud if it was on purpose, if his actions had intent. They wondered if Anthony just didn't want them around. They wondered why they bothered.

Anthony clawed at an exposed root. He tugged at all the threads he could find. He spent every spare moment puzzling at the riddle that wrapped the enigma of it all. He searched for the key. He searched endlessly. Tirelessly, he sought the object of his obsession. A glowing light in his mind that evaded his grasp and drew him further inward, deeper into himself and his fascination. Days became weeks, months became years, people stopped muttering, they seldom nagged anymore, in fact they hardly bothered him at all anymore. In the silence Anthony kept at it. He prodded and poked and dug and burrow until one day, a wet cold Wednesday in the middle of winter, he stumbled onto something.

A disgruntled disappointment hid his nervous elation. For if he found what he had sought all this time, then his journey would be over. At the very least it would change. Tentatively, Anthony proceeded, uncovering what had lain in plain sight. A seemingly meaningless titbit revealing, with a teasing little tear at the wallpaper of the thought, a panorama of insight. A glowing flowing yawning gaping chasm of light and understanding whipped through Anthony. He vibrated with the electric knowledge, he shone with the joy of discovery, he lept up and shouted. The silence fled, the watchers were gone.

All this time he had sought, he had found, but he had nought to share without a person to listen.

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