Introducing MicroBuddies!

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4 min readMay 27, 2021


In the year 2021, 2500 novel microbes were discovered in an abandoned Nano Factory. There were ten unique species, each with their own unique genetic makeup and the ability to self-replicate by consuming their own byproduct; GOO. Due to their unique appearances and endearing behaviors, these microbes, and all that would come after them, became known as MicroBuddies.

What Is MicroBuddies?

MicroBuddies is a new, collectible NFT breeding game created by the publicly traded company, Good Gaming! Players can collect up to ten different species of unique microbes which produce a variable amount of currency, called GOO, depending on their genetic makeup. GOO can be spent on customizing and self-replicating MicroBuddies in order to make even more unique and productive MicroBuddies!

Genesis Event

The first 2500 MicroBuddies ever created will collectively be known as generation 0, and will be the rarest and most scarce generation of MicroBuddies.

The only way to obtain gen 0 MicroBuddies is by synthesizing them from Nano Factory tokens when the game launches in Q3 2021, and the only way to obtain Nano Factory tokens is during the MicroBuddies genesis event launching on May 28th, 2021!

During the Genesis Event, players can purchase up to three Nano Factory tokens per Ethereum wallet address using the Metamask web browser extension. There is an early bird price of 0.05 ETH per Nano Factory token, with the price expected to increase to 0.15 ETH per Nano Factory token as the game approaches its full launch. Any Nano Factory tokens that do not sell by the launch date of the game will be burned from the supply permanently!

Meet The MicroBuddies!

Some species of MicroBuddies are more rare than others. Rarity not only contributes to the scarcity of individual MicroBuddies, but also their genome size and ability to produce GOO.

Here’s an early look at each species of MicroBuddy and how many will be present in the gen 0 set!

There are also 10 unique “Founder” MicroBuddies, of which 9 will be awarded to the team behind MicroBuddies and 1 will be awarded to an early adopter, perhaps through an auction. Founder MicroBuddies cannot replicate and and do not produce GOO normally, instead they incentivize their holders to support the long term growth of the game by producing GOO as a percentage of replication fees, which we will get into in the next section!

When a MicroBuddy replicates, the resulting MicroBuddy has new traits from the parent genome and is a generation higher than its parent as well. Gen 0 MicroBuddies will have 5 replications each, which means there will be a maximum of 12,450 (2,490 x 5) generation 1 MicroBuddies! Future generations have variable max replications based on a number of factors, which we will elaborate on more in our documentation.

The GOO Token

GOO is the utility token of MicroBuddies.

  • GOO is passively produced by all MicroBuddies based on the production power of their dominant traits, as well as rarity, generation, fertility and the “Peg Value”, which increases or decreases GOO production based on the circulating supply, to control for inflation.
  • GOO is required to replicate a MicroBuddy into a new one. GOO can also be used to reroll recessive traits and “lock in” up to three traits as guaranteed dominant in the next generation.
  • 85% of the GOO used for various replication fees will be permanently burnt from the supply. The other 15% is distributed equally among the founder MicroBuddies. These values may adjust slightly in the future to add payouts to players who provide liquidity to the GOO token.

GOO that is produced by MicroBuddies will need to be claimed to the Ethereum address of the owner. To further prevent long-term inflation issues arising from inactive MicroBuddies, there will be a cap on how much GOO can be pending for claim by singular MicroBuddies.

We will go into even more detail regarding the GOO token and all of its uses in our official documentation!


MicroBuddies has a rich roadmap of features planned:

Q2 2021

  • Genesis Event (presale) goes live.
  • MicroBuddies testnet goes live(alpha testing)

Q3 2021

  • Marketing campaign launch
  • Genesis Event closes (closed beta launch)
  • Security audit
  • MicroBuddies mainnet goes live(official launch!)

Q4 2021

  • Polygon bridge (Ethereum layer 2)
  • Binance Smart Chain bridge
  • Other bridges

Q1 2022

  • Decentralized governance launch
  • & more!

We expect our roadmap to continue to evolve over time!


The project is headed by Douglas “Fluxty” Wathen (myself!) alongside a team of a dozen other experienced and capable individuals. Most of us are fully dox’d — You can find more information in the team section of the MicroBuddies website.

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