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The Puppy

Never Pet a Dog You Don’t Know

An ominous looking puppy
Image Credit: A. Grace (Aly Pictured It)

“Where did you come from!?” Carly presses her cheeks together with her hands, her eyes wide and sparkling.

Sitting on the sidewalk with a stumpy, waggy tail is a puppy, with one ear alert and the other flopping. Its wiry white fur is speckled with black spots, and its eyes are wary but full of love. It shivers. How long have you been alone out here, little guy?




A place for tiny stories that capture something much larger. Single moments of a vast journey, a single frame of a moving picture.

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A. Grace

A. Grace

Grace writes fiction & articles on various topics in the western U.S. She is also a photographer, dog mom, and nature lover! Buy her a coffee: Ko-fi.com/agrace

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