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Last Update: 3 December 2015

Maurice Mikkers was born in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands) on 3 May 1986. After finishing high school in 2003, it seemed natural for him to abide his caring ways and pursue a career in which he could help people through laboratory research. After his internships at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) at the Toxicology and later the Parasitology department, he graduated in 2007 and became a licensed Medical Laboratory Analyst.

In 2007 Mikkers started to study Interactive Media Design ( I/M/D) at the Royal Art Academy in The Hague (KABK). He graduated (Bachelor of Design) best in class in 2011, with the product and service called Photodispatch. A service that provides an interactive streamlined workflow for visual storytelling on any (online) medium. With three simple steps, high quality photo’s are live within 60 seconds. A Social Media Asset Manager connecting photographer, client and consumers.

During his time at the Academy Mikkers started to work as a photographer, and started to build a portfolio working with clients such as: Adidas, Ernst & Young, Grolsch, Hennessy, Lay’s,Microsoft, Persgroep Nederland, Playboy, Radio 538, Randstad, Spotify, T-mobile and many more.

Besides his commercial work he started in 2015 to work on Micrograph Stories, a project that is focused on creating awareness on daily consumed products by enlarging them underneath a microscope. Images that reveal the microscopical beauty of: Drugs, Painkillers, medication & Food Additives. Witch also let to the making of its most known work “Imaginarium of Tears”.




Visualising the everyday things we encounter and consume in our daily life.

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Maurice Mikkers

Maurice Mikkers

Independent Photography Professional from The Hague (The Netherlands) http://www.mauricemikkers.nl #Micrographs #Science #Tech #Art #Creative #Concepts

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