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15x15cm — 250gr/m2 — Special thank you edition post card with the Potassium bitartrate artwork from the food additive series.


Hello, and thank you for visiting this part of Micrograph Stories. In the last few years I’ve been trying to create more and more artworks. Specifically, that are about; “Visualising the every day things we encounter and consume in our daily life.” The process of these artworks is an expensive, and time consuming project.

As a reader and supporter of the Micrograph Stories project, you now have a chance to donate to the project and in return, you will receive an unique, signed thank-you postcard with my favourite micrographic art in return.

By donating more then €5 you wil receive a hand written postcard with a personal thank-you message. Please include your address information in the transaction note/comment box if you want to receive an unique signed thank you post card with micrographic art.(Name, address, street, zipcode, state and country).

Donation options:

Bitcoin: 1428Z5Na1hxtb8TmZdDPMKp58pCjtpTXFz Ethereum: 0xa08271635e7cffecf94e1bea9461a0e0825ac493

If you did a transfer with BTC or ETH then please let me know by mail (info@mauricemikkers.nl) together with your TxID and fee where you would like the artwork postcard send to.

Thanks in advance for your wonderful donation! With this donation, you will hereby help further develop the project “Micrograph Stories”
where segments like the “Imaginarium of Tears” arise.




Visualising the everyday things we encounter and consume in our daily life.

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Maurice Mikkers

Independent Photography Professional from The Hague (The Netherlands) http://www.mauricemikkers.nl #Micrographs #Science #Tech #Art #Creative #Concepts