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Since the beginning of the project Imaginarium of Tears, I always struggled with how to store and preserve tears. Tear fluid seemed to loose its “magic” within a few hours after it had been shed. Resulting in different, less, or no crystal structures at all. Speed was of the essence! As soon as a tear was shed, a drop needed to be placed and dried on a microscope slide. This to make sure the “fresh tear fluid” would dry and create beautiful crystalline structures. Only within that small time frame, tears could be visualised and imaged trough a microscope.

After months of thorough field testing, the day has finally come to proudly present to you the Tear Collection Kit. I want to share with you this huge milestone, celibate and thank you as a supporter of Micrograph Stories & Imaginarium of Tears. Finally I can now answer to the question, that many of you had since the beginning.

“Is there a way to send in my tears and story, so you can turn them into a work of art? “

Yes!, check out the Tear Collection Kit below. Want to know more about the process?, then please visit the latest story.

Crying a river? Don’t be ashamed! Tears are stories, and stories connect us on a deeper level. Since everyone has their own story. We want to help you, to turn your tears into a unique tangible work of art.

With This Tear Collection Kit you collect your genuine tears, from the most valuable moments in life. By combining art and science, you can now with the help of Imaginarium of tears turn your tear into a unique tangible work of art. An artwork created by your body, mind and soul. An artwork representing a meaningful and valuable moment in life through the beauty of tears.

Imaginarium of Tears as worked hard to make it posable to capture and store your tears in a easy and convenient way with this Tear Collection Kit.

From experience we know that crying on command is hard, thats why we have created the Tear Collection Kit. A kit easy to cary with you, to capture tears from your most genuine moments in life. Moments of happiness or sadness that touch you deeply.

So after receiving your Tear Collection Kit, we advice you to first carefully read the instructions. This so you know exactly what to do when shedding tears in a genuine moment of your life.

The Tear Collection Kit contains a; manual, reaction tube, 3 pipettes and a silver bubble return envelope.

You can now order your Tear Collection Kit here:




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