New in beta! Inspect your private Docker images

MicroBadger now helps your dependency management and pre-deployment vetting for private as well as public images

Since we released the first version of MicroBadger back in the summer we’ve had a stream of requests to support private images — and now it’s here!

I’ve got one private image under ‘lizrice’

You can set up notifications to let you know when a private (or public) image changes, helping you with dependency management. We also support webhooks so you can trigger MicroBadger to re-inspect your image when you’ve pushed changes. These two features let you fully automate the rebuilding of dependent image chains.

Inspecting the contents of this private image

If you’ve got private images on Docker Hub, check it out today! It’s in beta and we’d love your feedback.

We’re supporting private images on Docker Hub to start with, but if you’d like us to add other private registries like, Google Container Registry or Amazon ECR please add your voice.

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