Getting Smart on Social Engineering

Human hacking — commonly referred to as ‘social engineering’ — predates computers. How can you avoid being manipulated into disclosing information that should be kept close to the vest?

“Human hacking” predates computers. (Source: Getty Images)

Bad actors are clever at always finding innovative ways to extract that information from us, by capitalizing on one of the foundational traits of human nature: Trust.

Professional human hacker. (Source: Giphy)

How Social Engineering Takes Place

When It Becomes Personal

There was a 350% YoY increase in inbound phishing emails (Source: Microsoft Office 365 Threat Research)

The Real World

Before putting on the belly and after. (Credit: Jek Hyde)
Finders keepers? (Source: Giphy)




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Rey Bango

Tinkering in cybersecurity at Veracode and helping developers build secure software. Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat. Opinions are mine.