My Cyber Why — Episode 10: Britta Glade, Director, Content and Curation at RSA Conference

Diana Kelley
Oct 22 · 2 min read
The amazing Britta Glade!

Welcome to episode 10 of “My Cyber Why”! — a glimpse into the life and work of experts from around the world who have dedicated themselves to protecting cyberspace. We’re bonusing this one because it’s a great discussion but we had a few issues with the video.

There’s no shortage of scary headlines about the latest hacks and malware releases. But what doesn’t make the headlines are the inspiring stories of the people who work every day to make the cyber world a safer place. These are their stories and cybersecurity is their passion.

In each episode guests answer four questions:

1. Who are you?

2. What do you do in cyber?

3. Why do you do it?

4. How can people get involved or learn more?

Today’s guests is Britta Glade, tennis aficionado, RSEOC, (Real Security Expert of Orange County) and Director, Content and Curation at RSA Conference. Britta worked in Analyst Relations at RSA for 13 years. And as a research analyst that worked with Britta to schedule briefings and confirm technical details for reports — can say she was one of the very best Analyst Relation professionals in the biz! About six years ago, Britta took on the very challenging role of content management and curation for the RSA Conference, the largest (cyber)security conference in the world. If you’ve ever wanted a sneak peak behind the curtain into what it’s like to program and manage the hundreds of talks and sessions at RSA Conference, this is the podcast for you!

Britta’s awesome! Srsly, you want to listen to this whole interview! But so you can find you favorite sections later, timestamps below.


[:56] Welcome Britta, Content Director for RSA Conference, mother, southern Californian, tennis enthusiast

[1:25] What does it mean to be content director for the RSA conference?

[3:26] It’s about community (and so, so many submissions)

[5:25] We all have the same goal: quality education for the community (and thereby a safer world)

[6:37] Britta’s “Cyber Why”

[9:05] Cultivating young minds and fostering new talent

[10:44] “The human element”

[13:06] How do you get the most out of the RSA conference?

[16:17] How do I become a speaker at RSA?

[20:34] The learning doesn’t stop when the event ends

Thanks for listening!

Want to get involved? Do you or someone you know have a fantastic Cyber Why? Reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter

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Microsoft Cybersecurity

Stories from the frontlines of security, compliance, and digital transformation

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