When the adversary lurks in your cloud

Organizations embracing hybrid and cloud infrastructures are experiencing the benefits of business agility and operational cost savings. But what happens when an adversary brings their nefarious intentions to the same cloud?

Embrace the benefits of the cloud while protecting against risks (Source: Getty Images)

In an earlier blog post, I shared a few benefits of embracing the cloud, including:

Adversaries are increasingly motivated to leverage the cloud to their advantage.

Common Adversary Activity in the Cloud

A DDoS attack could serve as a kind of smokescreen for more directly lucrative crimes.

Criminal trying to unlock a combination lock
Criminals can be highly persistent in their efforts (Source: Getty Images)
Securing the cloud is a shared responsibility. (Source: Microsoft)



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Seema Kathuria

Work for Microsoft in Cybersecurity Solutions Group, with 15+ years of experience marketing IT security and robotics technologies. Mother, Bollywood singer :)