Build apps for Fluent Design and Windows

The latest guidance from the Windows Developer Doc Team

The Reveal behavior in action

Hello, creators! As part of the new Windows 10 model, we’re constantly expanding and improving the guidance we publish, showing tangible examples of what designers and developers can do to help make Windows better. You’ll find new app samples, videos, features, and walkthrough guidance to get you aligned with the latest updates.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, or hybrid super-builder, here’s just some of what’s new in the Windows Developer Docs:

Detailed info on Fluent Design System features and components — things like acrylic material and parallax effect.

Tutorials to support My People on your application, an upcoming feature that integrates people’s frequent contacts.

An app sample that demonstrates synchronized capture of audio recording and ink annotations. Great for note-taking applications.

Guides to test Windows Apps for use on Windows 10 S, our recently announced, streamlined OS.

Walkthroughs of the latest Windows Store features to help better sell your apps.

To help creators outside of Microsoft create great apps across our platforms, we know it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest tools, guidance, and info. This will be the first in a monthly series that communicates important doc updates in one place. Keep exploring, keep sharing, and let us know if there’s more you want to see. Happy building!

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