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Croissants, Coffee, and Creativity

Inside Seattle CreativeMornings with Microsoft Design’s David Conrad

David Conrad at the Microsoft campus, September, 2017. Photo by Nitish Kumar Meena
Keeping the ingredints simple: breakfast, coffee, a speaker, and some Q&A (enlivened by the speaker ball!). Photos: Top row from left: John Cornicello, Jenny D. James, Krista Welch, bottom row Tim Allen talk by Danny Ngan

We think about programming in a specific way as well, by trying to find speakers that reside in the space somewhere between a TEDTalk and an AIGA talk.

There are 175 CreativeMorning cities and more than 280,000 attendees around the world.

At neither of those talks did the speakers use slides or do a formal presentation. They just got up and told their story. I think that’s probably one of the key ingredients for a good talk, the ability and the willingness to get up and tell your story in a way that’s transparent enough that people can connect with it, but not so transparent that it gets awkward.

Thought provoking ideas and conversations are served along with breakfast and coffee. Photos: clockwise from top left: Creative Commons, Jenny Linquist, Sara Porkalob talk by John Cornicello, Yonnas Getahun talk by Krista Welch,

Now is probably the most important time ever to work on inclusion and community.

I think that there’s this notion that you’re either creative, or you’re not, and those that are creative can just do it at any moment, on a whim, with no effort. In reality, everybody has put in work to get to that point where they can use that creativity and apply in practical ways, or they have developed ways to summon that creative focused response when the time comes.

Photo: Jenny Linquist
The volunteer team makes CreativeMornings welcoming and fun—even early in the morning. Photos: l, Creative Commons, r, Jenny D. James

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