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An Emoji For Your Thoughts

Why we refreshed our 1800+ emoji to support the new landscape of work

A video celebrating the diversity of shapes and expressions in our new emoji system.

Embracing the power of play

This image showcases our use of an imperfect circle for the shape of a head. People aren’t perfect, so why should our graphical representations be?
Here are concept sketches for new emoji we’re creating to help communicate the realities of hybrid work. From left to right: multi-tasking, you’re on mute, no camera day, parenting-while-working, the pajama suit.

Innately fun, innately Fluent

This video clip shows our modular perspective. By leveraging specific eyes, mouths and head shapes across the board, we created a unified set of facial features that can scale while maintaining a consistent look and feel.
When you pay attention to the details, the ordinary can become extraordinary. The crab emoji pictured here exemplifies this through bold, beautiful colors and chunky, graphic shapes.
For the refresh, we couldn’t resist transforming our flat, standard paperclip into the beloved Clippy.



Stories from the thinkers and tinkerers at Microsoft. Sharing sketches, designs, and everything in between.

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