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The Icon Kaleidoscope

Redesigning over 100 icons with new colors, materials, and finishes

A translucent ribbon with a sample of icons in a grid flowing across it.
A sampling of the new Microsoft 365 icons.
Scaling a design across the Microsoft ecosystem requires an open and flexible system.
From Windows utility icons to mixed reality icons in Microsoft Dynamics, all of our new icons were cut from the same cloth.

Widening the aperture of our design system

A designer’s desk covered with materials and sketches of icons.
Rich gradients, soft curves, and fluid motion connect the Edge and Office logos to each other and the rest of the icons.

Designing our future together

A designer’s desk with materials and icons.
Designing for 3D means starting in 3D.



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Jon Friedman

Head of Microsoft Office design, leading the next generation of experiences for work & life. Opinions expressed here are my own, even the few good ones;-)