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Yes, AI Will Replace Designers

But here are 3 ways we can work with AI for future success

1. Understand nuances

Throughout human history, we have used emotions as a survival mechanism. We are trained to use emotions like fear to safeguard ourselves from external stimuli. We detect and decode people’s emotions based on body language, tone of voice, context and social cues, all of which are based in cultural and learned norms. Hence, understanding emotional subtleties is one of the biggest challenges for AI.

2. Create original content

Portraits created by AI (trained by Mario Klingemann)

3. Filter biases

Example of faulty image recognition algorithm tagging black people as gorillas

1. Dynamic personalization

Dynamically personalized content recommendations in Instagram

2. Handling multiple variables

3. Create variations

Nutella Unica packaging

1. Understand existing tools and capabilities

The first step is to understand the kinds of AI and the breadth of application. There are such rich designer-friendly resources to study AI and Machine learning. If you want a cursory overview, simply looking at existing APIs like Amazon intelligence API, Google Cloud AI Products, Microsoft Cognitive services and IBM Watson Products could give you some idea about the kinds of inputs and logics used to train the models.

2. Weave ethics into your process

AI ethics is still in the nascent stage. It is up to us to set ethical standards and imbue them into the systems we design. Similar to how we adhere to design principles, we should create ethical principles if there are none. There are existing principles such as the Microsoft AI principles or Google AI principles you can reference.

3. Adaptability as a key design principle

AI can help create designs that learn and change depending on multiple variables. When we design, we should not only think about how products will be experienced at a particular setting, but also how products dynamically adapts depending on the changing context and varying users’ decisions.



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