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Demystifying Power BI — Data and Report Design Tools

A summary of data modeling and report design tools in the Power BI ecosystem

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Data and Report Design Tools

Native Power BI Tools

  • get data from many sources
  • combine data from multiple sources
  • clean, transform and enrich that data
  • add measures and DAX calculations
  • define Row Level Security (RLS)
  • build and publish reports
  • create dashboards and reports
  • create Apps to package up a set of related content for distribution
  • create scorecards and metrics
  • build dataflows and datamarts
  • manage user access, permissions, and security
  • Excel data models have a lower size limit on Power BI service than Power BI premium datasets
  • in Power BI mobile Apps, Excel reports appear as static
  • not all Excel functionality is supported in the Power BI service
  • some data sources are not available in Excel
  • modify reports that were created in SSDT Report Designer or SSRS Report Builder
  • preview reports in HTML or print format
  • export reports to other file formats such as MHTML, PDF, XML, CSV, Word, and Excel

Tools for Analysis & Reporting Services

Third-Party Tools


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