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Azure Event Grid: The Whole Story

A thorough look at the serverless backbone for all your event-driven computing needs.

Azure Event Grid
Example serverless pricing for Azure Event Grid
Reference application
  • Added — a new SKU is added to the system
  • ImageSet — an image of the SKU is uploaded
  • PriceSet — the price of the SKU is established
  • DescriptionSet — the description of the SKU has been verified
  • A SKU workflow that tracks various messages until it can be marked “complete”
  • An email workflow that sends a message to the operations manager to ensure the SKU is handled properly
  • A machine learning workflow that provides a machine-generated description when the image is uploaded


  • Events — what happened (i.e. “file was uploaded” or “SKU was added”)
  • Event Publishers — where the event happened (i.e. “web app” or “blob storage” or “CLI tool”)
  • Topics — a channel for related events (i.e. “storage events” or “inventory events”)
Available topics for Event Grid
  • Event Subscriptions — how to receive events. A subscription informs Event Grid that an event should be routed to a handler. A single event can have multiple subscriptions, and subscriptions are named so they can be unsubscribed later if need be.
  • Event Handlers — the app or service that receives and responds to the event (i.e. “Azure Function” or “Azure Logic App” or “my custom Ruby on Rails app”)

Walk Through

Consume Azure-sourced events with Azure Functions

Consume Azure-sourced events with Azure Storage Queues

Create a Custom Topic

Manually Validate a Subscription

Configure and Verify Delivery Retries

Configure Event Grid to Save Undelivered Messages in Azure Storage

Configure Event Grid to Use the Open CloudEvents Message Schema

Consume Event Grid Messages from Azure Logic Apps




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